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I guess my follow up question would be: how can I check which addons perform this particular function: FrameMeasurement? I want to make sure Iím not overlooking any possibilities.

EDIT: I seem to be getting 900+ errors here in particular,

928x FrameXML\AuraUtil.lua:58: Usage: local continuationToken, slot1, slot2, ... = UnitAuraSlots("unit" [, "filter"][, maxSlots][, continuationToken])
[string "=[C]"]: in function `UnitAuraSlots'
[string "@FrameXML\AuraUtil.lua"]:58: in function `ForEachAura'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:569: in function `UpdateBuffs'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:178: in function `OnUnitAuraUpdate'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:60: in function <...eBlizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua:42>

(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = 32
(*temporary) = nil

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