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Originally Posted by frostimus View Post
This is actually starting to piss me off. I know for sure that this is caused by some outside factor. I just want to find out what it is. Is there anyplace that I can start?

No way that Blizzard's fkn native UI makes the health portion of my Personal Resource Display fkn vanish
You mentioned LUI in your first post... if that is your amin addon, consider it being what is causing the error ( either indirectly or unintentionally of course ) as it is a full ui replacement addon and no doubt works with the nameplate system. Make sure you have their latest addon and see if a similar bug report has been posted and reported as fixed on their support page.

The following is my normal process for identifying addons causing issues.

Some questions to ask yourself
1. Does it only happen on one character ? Yes ? Possible Character specific Saved Variables issue.
2. Does it happen on every character ? Yes ? Possible Gameplay or Addon issue
3. Does it happen with no addon loaded ? No ? Possible Addon issue


Saved Variables Issue:
Rename the WTF folder to temporarily reset the saved variables (main game and addon) and see if that resolves the issue.


Addon Issue:
As with any addon related issue the only thing you can do is start off with no addons installed and confirm under the same conditions nothing goes wrong.

Then .. slowly add the addons in and try again noting which ones are active when the error occurs.

You may have to rinse and repeat this a few times to find one or two addons that may have caused the issue. It is either a single addon that is causing the issue or it's a conflict between addons issue.

No-one else can help you with this as they are the addons you have installed, you know how up to date the installed versions are.

Once you have narrowed down to a particular addon report to the developer to see if it is something they are aware about or if it is unfixable.


Gameplay Issue: Report it to Blizzard as per normal bug report
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