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certain addons will never work again after 2.0

well the 2.0 update has stiffed every serious player of the game, by invalidating all addons, 2 days on my setup is still screwed and i havent played a single hour, but much worse theyve extended theyre lua blizzard only protected commands to cover the following commands :
PROTECTED CastSpell(spellID, "bookType") , PROTECTED CastSpellByName("name"[, onSelf]) , PROTECTED ActionButtonUp(id) , PROTECTED UseAction(slot[, checkCursor[, onSelf]]) , PROTECTED StartDuel("name") , PROTECTED PetAggressiveMode() , PROTECTED AssistUnit("unit") , PROTECTED AttackTarget() , PROTECTED ClearTarget()
PROTECTED TargetLastEnemy() , PROTECTED TargetLastTarget() , PROTECTED TargetNearestEnemy([reverseFlag]) , PROTECTED TargetNearestFriend() , PROTECTED TargetNearestPartyMember() , PROTECTED TargetNearestRaidMember() , PROTECTED TargetUnit("unit") , PROTECTED TargetUnit("unit")
more importantly this means addons that use these functions have no way round this, and therefore dont think its just a matter of time before a your addon will be updated for 2.0 just like always, It is highly possible it will never exist again. Some of these addons made epic level playing bearable. I think blizzard have just shot themselves in the foot here, my 60 char now feels like a level 20 to play now, the loss of access to lua commands like this means a great more mouse movement selecting and clicking for users and we are not all youthfull digited keyboard maestro rogues with nerves run on acid, in MC it means many extremely organised guilds which used to wipe very rarely now wipe 5 times in a night. poor healers are going to suffer from this the most with loss of many addons that made their life bearable in wow. The fact there is no cast spell access now is the mighty blow, I predict blizzard will lose allot of loyal players over this. the ones who understand the implications first and more when those users realise theyre setup will never be the same again.
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