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Adding on to my original post ( unanswered, fyi ).

Originally Posted by Kasath
Hey all, I just started using this great UI, so I apologize in advance if these questions have already been addressed, but it doesnt seem like they have.

The buttons on my cartographer map are not operating, and I cannot make a note on the map.

The buttons for my Food/Water/Potion/First Aid are not showing.

Whenever I try to click DeuceCommander, which i need to because I need to configure my raid frames, I get an error.

Is there any way that I can move my pvp icon, or my buff icons? When I am flagged my pvp mark is covering up some of my Weapon's Buff (Windfury), and it is fairly annoying. Things like this bother me.

Any support would be great, thanks for your time!
I have a few more questions.

Is there anyway i can see the duration left for my totems? Sort of like what the cooldown bars look like?

Also, im having some troubles with the roll system. I can't see what my party nor I rolled on an item, and i cant see who received it. Also, on the roll window, Greed, Need, and Pass are usually invisible for some reason, and I have to mouse over them to see what they are.

Can I move the position of the BG capper? Its annoying me that it covers the score.

When I'm in a battleground, the members of my party's names are not colored differently than the rest of the raid, this is a fairly big problem for me being a shaman, i need to know who is in my group and who isnt, for my totems to take affect.

And one last thing, can I load a profile from my main character about which mods to run and which are to be disabled to my alts? So basically, the options.

Sorry about all these questions, but Im a bit obsessive about these kind of things.

Again, thanks for your time! ( Please answer the questions in my original post as well, that I quoted.)

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