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Originally Posted by Ramzes
Sorry if this question has been asked already, but I skimmed thorugh the pages and didn't see anything for what I am looking for. So when I group with a hunter or warlock the 3D models for thier pets show up and stack above my autobar. The problem is thats where I like to put my window for group and guild chat and whispers. Now my buddy that also uses mazzle plays a hunter and whenever he groups with a Warlock or another hunter the 3d models of their pets appear above the 3D models of the guys (the pet's masters) he is group with. So my question is how do I make the pet models appear above their masters instead of above my autobar? I asked my friend if he did anything different during the mazzle install and he said no and he said he didn't do any option adjustment either. We thought it might be because he is a hunter but even on his druid and warrior alts the pet models are over their masters. Any help on this would be appreciated. thanks...

You can move the pets using the discord unit frames..What I would suggest is that before you start messing with that, create a profile name of the set up you currently have; that way if you mess something up you can reload the saved profile.
Good luck