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ok, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining in "peanut butter & jelly terms" for me lol. I do have bugsack, and have always used it when posting any errors I get on WoWUI or Curse to help the authors figure out what my problem was. I tried checking bugsack for any FuBar errors but I was unable to find any. I saw plenty for some addons I do not use anymore (ie. Cartographer_Herbalism for example) but nothing for FuBar.

This definately helps me for future updates, knowing what to look for and where to go. So am I correct in understanding that the API changes (what 'breaks' the addons) are all located in the .toc file? And if I go to the PTR and an addon is working, then I just need to change the Version Number line in the .toc file at the top and that should be it, correct? (that'll make it so I dont have to check "load out of date addons").

Please advise if I misunderstand any of that ^.^
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