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I read your thread on wowace. What xbeeps is trying to tell you is that FuBar (broken, at that) is not the best project for you to be starting with because of the nature of it. While some people would argue that jumping into the deep end of the pool is a great way to learn to swim, this is like jumping into the deep end of a wave pool with heavy clothes on and one arm tied behind your back. Impossible? Probably not. A great experience? No.

Since you're not listing what errors you *are* getting in BugSack, I can only guess what the problem is. Another addon is interfering with FuBar, a library error is causing it to fail to load, etc etc.

I second what xbeeps said to you. Take a simple, working addon and try to add to it or change it in some way. If you go with this approach, you
  • are dealing with working code to learn from
  • know when it errors that it's something you did
  • are able to go bit by bit, understanding chunk by chunk
Besides... How will you know what to fix and how, if you don't know *why* it's broken and how the original code was derived?
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