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Of course, you're probably right Seerah, as well as xbeeps.. just too stubborn sometimes and too anxious to jump in I guess. The main reason I persisted with FuBar, even after xbeeps informed me that it was more intricate than I thought, was mainly because I was trying to figure out the error and fix it. I know what you mean about how can you fix something without understanding the problem, but I was trying work at it backwards... figure out how to fix anything that breaks, and then learn why.

With that said though, me really not knowing the programming language then I'm going to wisely find another addon and work from a different approach... learn the programming aspect before the fixing. I just was apprehensive to do that without first knowing how to fix it (ie. make it compatible for future patches).

As for not posting any errors... I had tried to get back in the PTR today to see if I could get something outta bugsack, but the servers were down. I will keep an eye on when they come back up and see if I can drop some errors for it.

I've over 80 addons, and honestly not quite sure how you determine what is a "simple" addon and what is not. I figured FuBar would be one of the more simple ones, as it just is a panel with functions to allow other addons to 'plugin' to it. Once I figure out what a more simple addon is or how to determine a simple from complex, I'll work on adding something to it etc. However, I'll still run into the problem of what happens when it becomes uncompatible and 'breaks', how to fix it.
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