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Thank you Tearstar ^.^ I would never consider "ripping" another author's work and pushing it as my own... its just dirty and wouldn't want that done to me.

You're pretty much right on the nose of what I had started out to do... find something that doesnt work and teach myself the structure and how to make 'em work and then branch off to write my own from scratch. Good advice and I'll check out your addons as well as a few others out here ^^

I, too, am purely self taught (with cross checking other sites/guides) for web design and languages ;-)

One of these days, I'll hit up all 3 forums I've posted this question in and hopefully get a sticky out there for other hopeful future authors that run along the same hurdles ;-)

Thank you to everyone who has replied (and for those of you who have more to add, please do so!) and anyone who may reply in the future with helpful knowledge, thank you!
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