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Originally Posted by tinyu View Post
Some people have completely different setups for each character so the way I see it is the only way to go is to have both a "per character" and "universal" save option.

Also with your comment about the way Carbonite handles gather nodes, it only does it badly because it's never been updated properly (AFAIK) and when I played I like the blinking minimap node alerts carbonite had
I will most likely be converting the options over to ace3config / ace3db to give easy access to profiles. Also the localization will be ace, since right now it's a mess of both hardcoded localization and the localization.lua (noticed that while adding the new node types).

the blinking minimap nodes was nice, but the flicker of other icons was a problem which I couldn't track down at the time... hopefully me or someone else will find why it happens.