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Originally Posted by clipper View Post
I remember an early version of your fan update had a checkbox like "Use Blizzard's Quest POI" or something like that, which caused it to use the Blizzard map blobs instead of checking Carbonite's internal db. Is there even any reason for Carbonite to maintain an internal quest location db now that WoW natively supports that? It seems that's always been one of the last things to get fixed whenever a new zone opens up, and of course it's always the first thing everyone needs when a new zone opens up.

Btw, please do not remove the per-character settings, many of my toons use the map in very different ways.

Also, I do use the enhanced social window, I like the way it maintains the "friends list" across different toons without needing to use Blizzard's RealId crap.

Things that I really, really miss from when Carbonite was being more regularly updated:
  • The gather nodes being in the right place
  • The map nodes for world objects like forges, anvils, Inns, Banks, flight masters, et al, being complete and correct.
  • I really miss the internal database of what merchants sold which items. Carbonite used to be able to able to point me to the nearest merchant who sells Crystal Vials or whatever.
  • Hey could we please add Flight Trainers to the list of trainers it can point us to?
Thanks man, I am *so* looking forward to Carbonite getting back to what it once was (the most awesome addon I've ever seen, for any game!)
The problem with use blizzards POI is it only worked in the current zone since it relies on map data provided by blizzard. When there is no map data because either the quest doesn't provide any or your in another zone it errors (like is happening now).

per-character is going no where, when it goes to aceDB you'll have the same profile style window you already have with many addons and can copy or save as you wish per character, or save as default etc.