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Originally Posted by gOOvER View Post
Would be great when you also host on Github. A lot of work is todo and Github is better for social coding, because Carbonite has not only 10 Lines of code.

Nothing against WI Git.

In past i started to implement AceLocale, to make Carbonite ready for Multilanguage, but i stopped, because of old Licence.

With GPL i will start again, if you are intressted in help

Btw: What do you think about to rename Carbonite to osCarbonite? (os = OpenSource)
does github allow us to talk & discuss pushes / pulls from the code? I admit i'm new to the whole git thing, I've pulled code before but never actually actively participated / pushed. I'm looking for something that lets us all push new changes (from what i've seen here i'd have to add people to the project manually), allows ticket creation, and allows us to comment / discuss changes & pushes.

As for a rename, i'm cautious about it... when you consider the tens of thousands of people who use it, only a very very tiny fraction come to the forums, none of them have any clue a new person is now running the show. If we rename it, that means a lot of people will just see carbonite not being updated and abandon it. But i do also see the points in favour of renaming it along with a new beginning.