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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Hmmm...I have no problems with the main menu bar in rActionBar.
That is of course because I am disabling the default main menu bar and the override action bar. I am using all the buttons though by reparenting them.
Couldn't you just put a background texture somewhere and put sth like rActionBar (or any other bar mod) on top if it is giving you so much trouble?
Well the problem started with BFA when I had to use
MainMenuBar:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 0, 40)
just so that MainMenuBar:SetScale(0.75) would work again.

What is strange is that it ONLY affects MainMenuBar but NOT MultiBarRight and that
Taudiers fixes it IF the toon is max level.

@Taudier: what is wrong about YOUR code?
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