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Well, I really want to avoid having a predefined database of anything if I can help it... the pet foods are bad enough as it is.

On the other hand, it isn't reasonable to ask the average player to know the spell ID's or even all of the possible spell names, either, which is why I had the idea of just keeping track of all of the spells you have seen cast on you or anyone else... then you can just use a checkbox to select the ones you want to use as a trigger.

Of course, I could/would still allow for manually entering spell ID's, etc., for those so inclined.

EDIT: PS... It's nice to see you in the forums finally ~grin~

Originally Posted by Doomlord View Post
The power of Grid stands in this indicators indeed, but to be more precise, it stands in the flexibility of setting those indicators.

I can add any indicator (Those Colored dots in the unitframe's corners) for virtually any action. Wether it is a buff on the target, or a spell being cast on that specific target.

You mentioned early that you need to add a database with all spells. Why reinvent the wheel? The current Grid configuration does indeed have a list of predefined stuff for different buffs/debuffs mostly but you are also able to input the spellID or the spell name in a "wizard" and create your own indicator.

Grid is pretty complex and it's rather hard to explain it's feature over a forum. I urge you to install it and fiddle with it a bit.

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