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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
Well, I really want to avoid having a predefined database of anything if I can help it... the pet foods are bad enough as it is.

On the other hand, it isn't reasonable to ask the average player to know the spell ID's or even all of the possible spell names, either, which is why I had the idea of just keeping track of all of the spells you have seen cast on you or anyone else... then you can just use a checkbox to select the ones you want to use as a trigger.

Of course, I could/would still allow for manually entering spell ID's, etc., for those so inclined.

EDIT: PS... It's nice to see you in the forums finally ~grin~

That damned administrator locked the comments section. I feel like i left a part of myself there...

Ontopic : I do not know if this is of actual help or not, but there is another addon that relies solely on spell detection to do it's part. It's called Power Auras Classic. I believe its system is even more powerful that Grid's. Take a look when you have time if you're thinking seriously about doing Grid-style unit frames ^^

Gah, i need some sleep.

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