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Unhappy Warning: Profiles vs Warehouse

Maybe I'm just unlucky and the only person this happens to?

Today I loaded up one of my chars which I hadn't played in quite awhile and I noticed that the screen layout wasn't like most of my other chars. So, I looked at Carbonite-Profiles and noticed 3 profile names in that char's list. (The other Tabs on Profiles are "greyed-out" and non-selectable. No way to "Copy an existing profile from one of my other chars). One of the 3 profiles was of course the "Default" one. So, I chose one of the other ones and made the changes to it so that it looked like all my other chars. That made sense to me.

To my utter dismay, changing that one profile on that one character wiped out all Warehouse data on all of my char's across 5 realms! No characters were listed! I had to visit each one of them, take them to their banks, open the banks and the reagent banks for each of them. It took me several HOURS to do that.

I'm mentioning this so that nobody suffers what happened to me by using ANY Profile setting.

Maybe this happens only with the latest DEV version? I have no idea. There should have been a warning on the forums. Now, there is one.

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