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Originally Posted by Tonyleila View Post
Like the interpretation of TalentUI but have to see it in action to understand what the 2 bars do? Maybe glyphes?
I'm guessing the vertical bar is your current glyphs, and when you mouse over one, the horizontal bar pops up with the glyphs available for that slot.

Originally Posted by Tonyleila View Post
If yes how woud one see what glyphes are missing? And all the other important infos ...
Might be good to add a little space or bar between the major glyphs (I guess those are the top 3) and the minor glyphs (guess those are the bottom 3) but not really necessary, as it seems fairly obvious. I don't know what other info is important, though. I would assume that for both the talent and glyph icons you get a tootlip on mouseover.

Originally Posted by Tonyleila View Post
Also I'm missing some numbers at what level do this Talent rows get released? Since blizzard is changing it every patch I coud not tell out of my head!
A good system for that might be to put a dark overlay with a lock icon (copy from the pet battle UI, for abilities your pet needs to level up to unlock) on the talent/glyph icon, and add in the tooltip "Unlocked at level 90" for talents, "Automatically learned at level 30" for auto-learning glyphs, or "Purchased on the auction house" for glyphs you have to buy.
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