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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
I actually liked the old one, but I've never used ElvUI either. Having some kind of graphical effect like the new one isn't bad, but being able to see the game world seems pretty important. For example, if I'm AFK watching TV while on a long taxi flight, in a queue of some kind, etc. I definitely want to be able to see when I land or the queue pops. Blocking the game world would also be bad for camping rare spawns, being able to react if something hostile suddenly appears, or seeing when someone whispers me. There are plenty of times when I'm AFK in the game without being physically AFK.
for some situations such like queue popping, invites or flight path finishing the afk-screen is auto canceled, but you're right. Its looks pretty sick although you can't see anything whats happening while you're afk.

I have plenty ideas...
- afk-chat function where you can use your chat while afk screening or something like that
- bring some option to manually change the appearance (opacity slider for the animation)
- short looped animation movie (bugs bunny cartoon style: where some people running through the screen or some sort of these funny things) (not so serious but possible)
- afk screen music player?
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