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A few little issues

First off, i tried /played and it doesn't work for me, with Carb as only addon installed, fresh settings, etc... I'm not sure when the last time i had looked at it, even if it was on the beta or not. Also i noticed a horrible framerate drop in the outside world, no matter where i was. As soon as i was considered "inside" anywhere it was back up to normal. After deleting saved variables framerate is fine, inside or out. I am trying to find the setting i changed that caused the problem, but so far no luck reproducing it. Finally i tracked down a problem between the _NPCScan.Overlay module. I like to run the maximized carbonite map at 100% fade out transparency (no fade out) on a separate monitor. This unfortunately causes the overlay patches to go to 100% as well. Is there any way to separate these two different transparency settings?

Will update if I find out what i had changed to cause the single digit framerate outside.


... I checked Altoholic's played time page and it seems to display and update ok, so i'm not sure why it won't display in chat frame for me.

remembered one more thing, whenever completing quest opjectives, 1 of 10, etc. there is a half second lockup or so. always, with out fail, every time. oh my...

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