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Originally Posted by kaimox View Post
The problem is somewhere in my wine setup, I'll have to check that.
What version of Wine are you using? If it's the version from your Ubuntu-based distro, it's probably about as old as the earth; go to https://wiki.winehq.org/Download and add their repo so you can get updates directly from the source. The "staging" branch at version 3.7 (my current system version of Wine) works just fine with DX11. The "devel" branch did not work as of (I think) version 3.3, and I assume the release branch (which is at 3.0) doesn't either.

That said, I get (much) better performance from an unofficial build of Wine. I'm currently using the "pba-3.3" build of Wine downloaded through Lutris; I have no idea where it actually comes from. The difference is very drastic; just logging into Orgrimmar and turning the camera back and forth, the official staging build gives me 15-20 FPS, while the pba build gives me 70-90 FPS.

(Edit: source for the "pba" builds is https://github.com/acomminos/wine-pba)

I also use a dedicated Wine prefix for WoW (and the Bnet app) and used Lutris to configure it for WoW (though I don't actually use Lutris as a launcher, just a setup tool and, at some points in the past when official Wine builds weren't working with WoW, to install third-party builds). You can see the setup script Lutris uses, with winetricks calls and registry edits, on https://lutris.net/games/world-of-warcraft/ (click the arrow next to "install" and select "view install script"). I do use the env vars listed in there, though I've also tried not using them, and didn't actually notice any difference.

Originally Posted by kaimox View Post
So about nvidia: Is it possible to operate them with open drivers only? I've heard it's not. Since I prefer open source I was sticking to AMD, their open drivers work ok. But if open nvidia drivers are good enough that would be good to know.
In my experience, no, kill them with fire. I run Linux Mint with the Cinammon desktop and a GeForce 750 Ti, and if the open source nVidia drivers (nouveau) are not blacklisted to prevent them from getting anywhere near the light of day, I get system lockups that require a hard reboot every 1-2 hours regardless of whether or not WoW or anything else remotely graphics-intensive is running.
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