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I hope Thrae does not mind I comment on this thread.

I couldn't agree more programs like he/she suggested are great. There is one thing you must keep in mind. YOU MUST keep a backup of all your passwords.

In my case I have gone with the flash drive always plugged in and online synchronization to Roboform Online.

If you don't backup your passwords the 15 character random password is going to a pain to recover :-)

it's a single token system so it doesn't defeat standard keyloggers. They can still use the inputed PIN for as long as its valid.
The only thing I do not agree about this statement is the fact the code is not valid after its been used. The code also is only valid for 30-45 seconds. So at this time a keylogger cannot harvest his information in enough time to make use of it. Even if they did they wouldn't be able to remove it fast enough.

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