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Originally Posted by metalmight View Post
In order to read it I would have to donate but if it said carbonite will not be developed for cata then i would have wasted my money.
Honestly, you're not missing anything. There hasn't been any relevant news there or in the "public" sections.

Why is there no version of carbonite available for testing on the beta?
It was announced LONG ago that the team is more focused on profitable projects, so it comes as no surprise that there isn't a version for the beta.

Why has it been so long since an official update to the addon?
See above.

And finally, if I donate will i get updates more often?
No. No one else has, so why would you?

As someone already stated, I won't be surprised to see Carbonite not get updated for Cataclysm; it would be a waste when compared labor vs. profit. Realize when it is all boiled down, although an excellent addon, it was only developed to make money. That's it. Since the cash cow was slaughtered, there's no incentive to keep working other than "out of the goodness of their hearts", which history has shown that the heart is made of dollar signs. That is their right and choice, but definitely not the norm for most of the author community which people like you take for granted (no offense, but the point is true nonetheless).

I added donation links to my addons a while ago and guess how many have donated for my months/years of work? $0. Yet I, as well as dozens of others, keep at it. Others, not as generous. Is it wrong? Nope. It's their choice. They openly stated they lost over 60% of their income. If you got a 60% pay cut at your job, would you keep doing it? Neither would I.

Of course, I could be completely wrong as I haven't scanned every single thread/post concerning Cata's coming. But considering nothing significant has come down the line since the "pay us to request features" scam (my view, take it as you will), although they did deliver on the "popular" vote (popular quotes because honestly, the numbers could have been completely made up).

But in the end I feel I got my money's worth of what I donated. But not much past that to make me want to give more; the door swings both ways on that one, sorry to say.