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I have to agree with Chaos. They may have stated that they intend to update to be compatible with Cata, but I have serious doubts it will actually happen.

Look at what's happened over the past year;

The Carb devs have lost most of their revenue from the addon as Chaos stated.

This part is conjecture on my part, but I'm sure that the "fun" aspect of keeping Carb going was burned to ashes long ago.

And here's the one thing that would've made me quit development long, long ago; The nerd-rage that goes on in the Carb forums is so much worse than anything you see associated with any other addon it is just unbelievable. For some reason I have yet to come to come to grips with, Carb users (a small, but incredibly vocal minority I'm sure) feel they are entitled to have every little problem fixed as soon as it's posted. Every feature request is placed as a demand. Recently, there was even a thread started by a former user who stated that Carb was still messing with him, even after he deleted all aspects of the addon.

Will Carb come back with Cata? I truly, truly hope so. It's a work of astounding proportions and a mainstay for many, many WoW players including myself.

Will my gameplay suffer without it? Most definitely. Although much improved, the default minimap and quest related things that Blizz has added just don't hold a match to Carbonite. A lesson hard-learned while playing the Beta for Cata.

Will I rage against the Carb devs when and if they decide not to continue? Absolutely not. I will thank them for all the hard work they've done over the years and wish them the best of luck with all their future endeavors.

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