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Smile I hope

I loved the red shirt death I was like "no .. no ... they aren't .... !?! .. they did oh what a harid joke lol"

They had captain Pike's Number One (originaly played by Majore) the blonde girl that stone at his side several times. In the original pilot show Pike was captain, his first officer was played by Majore, and Spock was science officer.

Bones appered in episode two and Chechofe(sp?) was much later of course.

I thought it was actually in a TNG episode where they finally figured out how to warp to a ship in warp, and only then while matching warp speeds.

If I remember right they said it was possible just not recomended, and what they did in the movie was a non-moving targeting a moving target at a distance not a moving target hiting a non-moving one at a close distance

but hey we do have Warp Transport (which evidently Scotty forgot later in life

Remember Scotty was "frozen" in a transporter loop till tng and had worked on transwarp before that; so, the idea he would have improved the teleportation proticals (concedering he created most of them) by the time Spock came back was not imposible.

As long as they don't mention Borg-Ferengie-Delta Quadrent I'll be fine.

Star Trek started going down hill after Roddenberry's death hopefully this will bring it back up.
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