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My work in progress.

So this is what i've been working on latley, and i've ran into som trouble

I'm not sure where to place my raidframes and recount+omen.

I'm thinking:
- Raidframes in upper left corner.
- Recount and Omen in bottom right corner.

BUT, how should i make the panels/background for recount and omen, make them transparent or have the same darkish theme, IMO the transparent seems better in theory but i i couldn't get it look any good although i didn't put very much effort into it. It just doesn't feel right. And the darkish is even worse, it doesn't fit at all with the chatbox. Im trying to keep the UI as clean as possible and maintain a theme along the entire UI.

Now what i need help with is to decide wheter to go with this or if you got another option which would be appreciated a lot, i'm kinda stuck on this and can't continue with the rest

I would also like to know what you think about the unitframes, should i make them smaller/bigger/wider/thinner or whatever. Of course any suggestions are welcome!

First post BTW
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