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Originally Posted by Bohica View Post
problems in regards to quest watching keep arising and growing... Initially, would have to activate quest watch every time logged in as carbonite would turn off its own quest watch and wow's..
downloaded and reinstalled the latest version of carbonite and now not only does it turn off wow's quest watch and its own... but it now only lets me select just ONE quest to watch. Whenever I click on a quest in the log to watch, the check mark shows up fine, but if I click on a second quest.. the checkmark moves to that quest and disappears from any others that were checked. Also, cannot move to view other regions/areas in the main map for some reason...
Try disabling all of you other addons EXCEPT Carbonite and see what happens. Doing this is the only way to really tell if another addon is interfering with Carbonite.

If Carbonite is still acting the same way with all of your other addons disabled, or you don't use any other addons, please go to your "Path to your WoW folder\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME\SavedVariables\" folder and either rename or delete the "Carbonite.lua" and "Carbonite.lua.bak" files.
PLEASE, BE AWARE that by deleting (or renaming) these two files you WILL completely reset your Carbonite installation back to default settings. For ALL of your characters. That is because all of your character settings are contained in those two files.

Occasionally those files will become corrupted, and that is the only way to repair it.

If, however, Carbonite acts normally with all of your other addons disabled, then one of your other addons is interfering with Carbonite.
Ahhhh, the vagueries of the aging mind. Wait.... What was I saying?

Carbonite <----- GitHub main module (Maps ONLY) download link. The other modules are also available on GitHub.
Carbonite-CLASSIC<----- GitHub link to Carbonite Classic. Thanks to ircdirk for this!

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