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Hate to say it, but from that last screen shot it is working for you... at least as well as it is for the rest of us. All the quests on that map are complete (which is the one large bug we already know and not sure why carbonite stops showing where to go if it's complete / breadcrumb using blizzards info) but you do have one quest showing on that map with a (1) and in your quest log, I see the matching quest with a grey circle instead of red so it's picked it up and ready to track it, so your no worse or better off then we are in regards to the watch log.

And that's why there seems to be a big push for me to do quests over solo map, so they'll track from anywhere in the world, and it'll lead you back to where you got the quest from everytime instead of randomly.

tho for some reason, once again no clue why, I can track quests in dread wastes while standing in jade forest... it baffles me because everything I think I know about what carbonites doing, says that shouldn't be possible.