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small addon to move frames

Hi there,

I currently have the problems that I do not, for me, find clean solution to move UI elements determined. And at fixed positions. I do not want Moveanything!

It involves the following elements:

Bags (no one bag / Bagnon or something, any bag for yourself)
Quest display (change position and height. Is something long the display)
Thumbnail repair
2 seater Mount Display
World frame
PlayerPowerBar (for example, the bar at Norushen)
Battle.net display (when someone goes online / offline)

I've been using so far

Movablebags for bags
rObjectiveTrackerMover Quest for the display
rPlayerPowerBarAlt for the bar (Norushen)
the other can be personalized with a minimap addon or move Addon Chat

I liked not so wild, move only the frames with pixel accuracy to my desired position.
It is possible with a small addon to make sure the frames above will be moved?
Someone out of the can? ^^

There are indeed usually only small addons (little lines)


[1] = {"BOTTOM RIGHT", "UIParent", "BOTTOM RIGHT", -250, 300},
[2] = {"BOTTOM RIGHT", "UIParent", "BOTTOM RIGHT", -450, 300},

Although one could even Shrink determined, since I only need a pure position data such as

Frame "Frame Quest" "button left" x: 1500 y: 800 h: 350
Bag 1 x: 100 y: 100
Bag 2 x: 200 y: 100
and so on .....

It is surely possible to put it into a few lines together?
Volunteers before ^^

Thank you
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