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Thank you, Phanx. It doesn't seem to be working currently, though. Here's the error my BugSack picked up:

1x RegionInfo\code.lua:3: attempt to call method 'GetRealmInfoByName' (a nil value)
RegionInfo\code.lua:3: in main chunk

(*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
(*temporary) = 5
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = <table> {
 GetRealmInfoByUnit = <function> defined @LibRealmInfo\LibRealmInfo.lua:117
 GetRealmInfoByGUID = <function> defined @LibRealmInfo\LibRealmInfo.lua:103
 GetRealmInfoByID = <function> defined @LibRealmInfo\LibRealmInfo.lua:84
 GetCurrentRegion = <function> defined @LibRealmInfo\LibRealmInfo.lua:31
 GetRealmInfo = <function> defined @LibRealmInfo\LibRealmInfo.lua:57
(*temporary) = "Bleeding Hollow"
(*temporary) = "attempt to call method 'GetRealmInfoByName' (a nil value)"

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