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oUF for nameplate creation?

I posted a barebone nameplate setup here:

Most important are the following three.

- nameplate_create when we spawn the frame using a certain style.
- unit_added when we show the frame and set the unit of the frame.
- unit_removed when we hide the frame and remove the unit.

Is this possible with the default oUF core?

I need to be able to pass the nameplate base as an anchor frame into the Spawn function.


Wooow. It actually works!

Fixed scaling:

magic bean:

Lua Code:
  1. function W:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED(unit)
  2.   local nameplate = C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(unit)
  4.   if not nameplate.unitFrame then
  5.     local unitFrame = oUF:Spawn(unit, A..nameplate:GetName())
  6.     unitFrame:SetParent(nameplate)
  7.     unitFrame:ClearAllPoints()
  8.     unitFrame:SetPoint("CENTER")
  9.     nameplate.unitFrame = unitFrame
  10.     --mix-in ubm table data
  11.     Mixin(unitFrame, UFM)
  12.   end
  14.   nameplate.unitFrame:UnitAdded(nameplate,unit)
  15. end

Not perfect yet though. But it shows that it should be possible.

Currently I seem to struggle with the unit update. Nameplates shuffle units quite often and I need a way to tell oUF about the unit change.

Hasn't oUF a function to trigger a full update? Sth like UpdateAllElements.

If you want to test it here is the code I'm using atm:


Units do not update properly and clicking on a unit does not activate the correct unit.
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