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Originally Posted by Gethe View Post
I tried this out for a bit and it's quite nifty.

That said, your global functions scope will tag a block such as this:
Lua Code:
  1. local foo do
  2.   function foo()
  3.     -- stuff
  4.   end
  5. end

With that having been noted, why even include local/global as a highlighted scope in the syntax? Isn't that the purpose of the global finder?
Actually fRodzet wrote the global highlight for functions it's only for making the globals even more visible. However it's not as accurate as the global finder. The question is that should i keep it or not? Because i don't think you can code it perfectly with only a syntax file, at least i don't know how to.

The better solution would a script which reads the whole file, collect all functions, and marks the global ones somehow if thats even possible.

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