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Hmm, I'm not 100% sure, but I thought I found that the new SecureActionButtonTemplate isn't a visual template just handles the secure elements.

You would have to add in the visual elements or combine it with a visual template.

Granted the following is an XML version but the same thing should apply when creating by code.

Lua Code:
  1. <!-- Buttons that have textures  -->
  2.     <Button name = "XMP_IconTemplate" parentArray = "Buttons" virtual = "true">
  3.         <Size x="30" y="30"/>
  4.         <Layers>
  5.             <Layer level="BACKGROUND">
  6.                 <Texture parentKey="Icon" setAllPoints = "true"/>
  7.             </Layer>
  8.         </Layers>
  9.         <NormalTexture parentKey="NormalTexture" file="Interface\Buttons\UI-EmptySlot" setAllPoints = "true"/>
  10.         <PushedTexture parentKey ="PushedTexture" file="Interface\Buttons\CheckButtonHilight" alphaMode = "ADD" setAllPoints = "true"/>
  11.         <HighlightTexture parentKey = "HighlightTexture" file="Interface\Buttons\CheckButtonHilight"  alphaMode = "ADD" setAllPoints = "true"/>  
  12.     </Button>
  14.     <!-- Buttons used to cast spells -->
  15.     <Button name = "XMP_SpellButtonTemplate" inherits = "XMP_IconTemplate,SecureActionButtonTemplate" virtual = "true">
  16.         <Attributes>
  17.             <Attribute name="type" value="spell" />
  18.             <Attribute name="spell" value="0" type="number" />
  19.         </Attributes>
  20.         <Frames>
  21.             <Cooldown inherits="CooldownFrameTemplate" parentKey="Cooldown" />
  22.         </Frames>
  23.     </Button>

As you can see by this my spell button is actually a combination of an icon button template and the secureactionbuttontemplate

As you can see from this link the secureactionbuttontemplate only handles the onclick event

So, moving from your old button template to the new button template you have inadvertently removed the visual functionality of the button.

This is a collection of Blizzards ActionButtonTemplates.

As you can see these don't have any onclick functionality as Blizzard has separated them.
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