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Porting RepByZone to retail, need subzone data

I am working on adding retail data to RepByZone, and I need help from both Horde and Alliance players please and thank you.

What I need is subzones, the text on your minimap like Seeker's Vista from BfA, and an appropriate faction for the area, in this case Tortollan Seekers. Not all subzones will have an appropriate faction, in which case those can be ignored.

I need data for Legion, BfA, and Shadowlands. Shadowlands can be tricky, as some subzones can be associated with multiple factions. Generally I applied Night Fae to the entire Ardenweald zone, and that works, but it gets messy for The Wild Hunt faction; for players who joined the Night Fae covenant, then some subzones will have Court of Night while players who have a different or no covenant would be The Wild Hunt, etc and so on. This messiness continues in all Shadowlands zones, and I don't have enough alts running through SL to find everything.

In the Ardenweald example, if you can provide information, please say Subzone name = faction /w covenant or faction w/o covenant in that format.

This is what I have so far. Don't worry about the numbers, as I can find those. The comments after each line are the minimap text and the faction. If anyone wonders what the numbers mean, they are areaID = factionID, but I can find the numbers. I just need the minimap text and faction name.
Lua Code:
  1. --------- BfA ---------
  2. [9310] = 2386, -- The Wound/Champions of Azeroth
  3. [9667] = 2386, -- Chamber of Heart/Champions of Azeroth
  4. [10504] = 2386, -- Chamber of Heart (rebuilt)/Champions of Azeroth
  5. [9693] = 2387, -- Seeker's Vista/Tortollan Seekers
  6. [9329] = 2387, -- Seeker's Outpost/Tortollan Seekers
  7. [9714] = 2387, -- Seeker's Expedition/Tortollan Seekers
  8. [10006] = 2387, -- House of Jol/Tortollan Seekers
  9. [9556] = 2387,  -- Tortaka Refuge/Tortollan Seekers
  11.         --------- Shadowlands ---------
  12. [13367] = 2422, -- Queen's Conservatory/Night Fae        
  13. [1698] = 2410,  -- Seat of the Primus/The Undying Army
  14. [11533] = 2464, -- Tirna Noch/Court of Night
  15. [12858] = 2464, -- Heart of the Forest/Court of Night

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