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Originally Posted by Littlejohn
It's a strong argument for sure. What's missing on both sides is evidence...

It would be interesting to have PvP and PvE "anarchy" servers -- bots, gold farming, etc. are all allowed. Players could transfer characters there like a test server.

Does anybody have any links to papers describing the psychology or economics of on-line games?

If you want to see what botting does, or afk grinding, go play Shadowbane, their servers are anarchy incarnate and new players quit shortly after signing up due to massive griefing....they had like, what?, 15 to 25 servers? now they have 3. clear enough evidence?

I will say that eventually, keyword: Eventually, all players WILL use the AH. So Eventually all ARE affected by gold inflation, gold farming, afk loot farming, etc.

Granted they are not "required" to use the ah, but at some point you must take the path of least resistance. that is the ah. but when that path becomes more impossible than the only other route, it detracts from the fun factor. some will still argue, but again *shrugs* to each his own.
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