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Originally Posted by humfras View Post
1) Always post a link or/and screenshots of the UI in your opening post!

2) The ui's project page looks likes this:

Jokes aside, you should minimize the description and make it more readable. The picture's quite nice.

3) Since your UI is minimalistic and clean squares, you should think about modifying textures (e.g. with Aurora and Aurora:Missing Textures) to adjust the style of the default frames and the bag frame.

4) Instead of using Recount+Omen, you should either only include Omen and skin it properly (regarding screenshot #4) or use Skada as a replacement for both because Recount is overkill for most of the pre-made-UI-users in terms of options and information.
1)Yeaaaaa, been a while since I used the forums, sorry , updated.

2)I've been trying to get back to updating it, making it pretty, for now it was just a mess of text while I focused on other things, I'll def get on that.

3)I was using Miir in the meantime until I messed with Aurora enough to make it how I want it, there was a few things it did that I didn't want it to(the missing textures mainly), and through trial and error I was trying to figure out what skinned what and what I didn't want. I'll just include the full edition in the UI from now on then, until I cater it to my need.

4)I'm probably going to just use Skada, adding Omen is just another box that I don't want on my screen, and I'm trying to keep it as clean as possible, though it's starting to get a bit cluttered.
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