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I think at this point in the game, after WAU was out for so long as well as many other one-click updaters, people have this addiction to updating their addons.

They see that whatever addon they're using gets an update and they need it. It doesn't matter what was changed (code clean up, library update that really doesn't affect end users (or shouldn't) at all, or localization updates). It doesn't matter if the addon worked completely fine before; they need to update it because it's available.

I've said this before; there are only two reasons you should ever update an addon:

1) There is a bug that is hindering the addons function and there is an update that fixes this bug.
2) The author has added a new feature that you want to try and test.

The cold hard truth of this is; there are very few times that either of these things will ever occur.

The only time this should be broken is if you're testing an alpha quality addon and updating it every time an update has been pushed is essential for debugging and assisting in the development of the addon.
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