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I had another group of thoughts while I was trying to go to sleep last night

I've seen this argument come up a lot :

"XX addon is unstable therefore I MUST update EVERY day so I can prevent it erroring in the midde of the raid"

People seem to have this irrational fear of being assaulted by red errors in the middle of a Maly Raid.

They're so scared of what happens when an addon bugs so I think thats another reason for their "must update every day" attitude.

People you don't have to be scared of addon errors.There are there to help you and the addon authors debug their addons.

If you install Bugsack or any decent error grabbing addon this will actually capture those errors so you can look at them later. Bugsack can sound an alarm *once* then never bother you again. You can even set Bugsack to never sound at all - that way when you go to use an addon and it doesn't come up then you can go check the errors (BugSack has a little bag icon on the minimap)

If an addon's going to bug out it's usaully going to bug out that same way every time you do something. There'll be a concrete series of steps you take in order to get the bug to come up. If you know what causes it then you're in a much better place to get it fixed.

If it bugs out in a Raid and you can't just hide the errors tell your Raid Leader "sorry my dps/healing/tank's going to be a little off tonight my XXX addon is bugging out and i cant seem to fix it". You then logout and disable that addon. If you're Raid is kind enough that might even give you advice on how to fix it (download & install this , /console reloadui etc etc etc). Once the raid's over you look into fixing it.

Now if your UI isn't bugging out and you haven't changed anything then it's logical to assume that lt's not going to explode in red errors. If something was working before then you shouldn't need to download any updates for it.

PS I've personally not heard of any addon that's so unstable that it needs updating every single day. If it's unstable then you find a way to fix it so it's not unstable (other then blindly updating it every day)
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