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Originally Posted by Fin View Post
Interesting. What are the other, er, vastly more common reasons are there that addons authors release updates?
Tagging changes , localisation changes , minor bug fixes, dry coding for problems they forsee coming up , toc number changes , reversions of previous changes .....

Anytime an author feels they should be getting out something to the public that's new with their addon.

This does not imply that you should go out there and download every addon update there is for your addons. Neither does this imply you shouldn't download any addon updates at all.

Just that it's not necessary to keep doing this every single day when your UI doesn't have a single thing wrong with it.

Actually, scratch that.
Did you use this as an excuse to post your Troll sig . BTW I don't think I'm a troll for discussing this in a reasonable manner
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