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Originally Posted by Daelic View Post
How about we turn this around a bit...

Why do you, the OP, feel the need to try and coerce people to do things your way? What do you feel you're losing by wowinterface releasing an updater, and allowing people to have an easier method of addon updating?

I truly understand your position, and if it works for you... Great! But, updating addons is not a zero-sum proposition. You can do it your way, I can do it mine... either way, the adverts are going to be displayed and wowinterface/curse/whatever is going to continue to get the revenue they need to support the site, or they will move to a different model.

i think the OP is trying to clear up misconceptions about updating addons.. IE if you dont have the ablsolute latest release of an addon its out of date and unusable...

i my self dont regularly update my mods... cept for one.. AtlaslootEnhanced and thats because new lewts are being found and added for ulduar

other than that the way i have been updating my addons is this...
i like to browse the latest addons here on WoWI... to see what kind of new mods are made.. and i look at updated mods to see what they are doing now even if i dont use them... occasionally i run across a mod that i do use and check it out to see if the changes are important enough for me download...

generally i up date a mod or two every other day.. again depending on if i need it or not.. there have been times where i went nearly 2 weeks without updating a mod.. and nothing i ever had was broken...

i guess it just really boils down to personal preference... but there are people out there that seem to think that if they dont have an auto-updater, that manually updating mods is unbearably painful... its really not..

i will prolly use the new Minion updater in about the same fashion im updating now... browse and reading the change logs
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