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Updating manually is painful IF you have this compulsion to update every addon every day. Which as has been stated is not just unnecessary but in my eyes downright laughable.

Nothing wrong with having an updater do your installs for you. I personally plan to use it from time to time.

As has been said and is the overall point of this topic, you do not need to update daily for everything you have.

1) Update if its broken

2) Update if there is a compelling reason (read: bug fix, new feature) beyond " ooooh shiny there is a new version number so i obviously need to have it to be current!!! **froths at the mouth**" Your welcome to do it how you like. Keep in mind the consequences of this action as there are bound to be many folks using the same logic.

3) Use what ever method you prefer from the sites you get your addons from that are allowed. Be it manually. An updater. Osmosis. Telepathy. UPS. FedEx. Bacon transfer apparatus or whatever.

Everyone is entitled to handle the situation as they see fit within the constraints of the TOS of the various websites they use. How you like to handle it is your business.

While i dont personally see a reason to update constantly (276 primary folders including all the modules of individual addons, ballpark of 225 ignoring modules) and i do visit the sites daily for news and various other bits its very VERY infrequent that any of my addons have an update. Let alone a significant one.

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