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Originally Posted by MidgetMage55 View Post
Updating manually is painful IF you have this compulsion to update every addon every day. Which as has been stated is not just unnecessary but in my eyes downright laughable.
Fin , Midgetmage55 says it to you better than I can.

I write this thread after the continuing furor that came about from the wow matrix block.

People have become addicted to thinking they need to download every single update out there for every single addon they have. They used to do it manually , found it hard then found out about Wowmatrix.

Now it's almost like their updating muscle has anthrophied - Wowmatrix gets taken away and they can see no alternative methods of updating. They feel like they've been cast back to the dark ages in updating their mods and they get mad!

My thoughts were if I get them to figure out the fundamentals of why they should be updating I could get them to change their minds about the source of why they were getting mad - wow matrix gets taken away and now they have no way of getting their addons updates simply and quickly.
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