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Originally Posted by myrroddin View Post
Considering I use Skada rather than Recount, I answered the questions in the spirit they were asked. However, it should be noted that damage meters are more likely to inspire a player to increase their DPS, but damage meters do not, strictly speaking, truly help a player increase damage throughput.

I use EventHorizon, which does increase DPS if you follow the graph, and I have heard of, but never used, AddOns that prompt which spell to cast next.

Having never used the latter, as far as I can tell, the prompting-style AddOns may tell you what spell to cast next, but not when. I just find EventHorizon more intuitive on both fronts.

On a different note, I was taken aback by two questions which seemingly ask the same question. Do you customize your UI, and do you use AddOns? Yes, I know that for some time, you can unlock and move the base UI elements, thus allowing customization, but that feature came several years after WoW's launch. When most players think of UI customization, they are thinking about AddOns, not moving built in frames.
Yeh I intentionally put in two similar questions to see how wow players respond. Thanks for pointing it out though
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