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what I am doing is trying to filter out non same faction achievements out from my addon... who wants a popup asking if you want to congratulate a person of the opposing faction when they get an achievement? my problem is that the addon can work for people near you as well as people in your group and guild that nearby opposing pandaren can trigger the frame to appear. I can rewrite my faction test to treat them differently but what I was hoping for was some way to test within that event cycle instead of having to wait for another event to fire...

I looked through the events that I can register for the chat frame but http://www.wowwiki.com/Events/Communication has no listing for an error event... does anyone know what event fires when the SendAddonChatMessage fails to find its whisper target?

I figure I will just put the Pandaren achievements into a queue for a second and send the message... if a error pops on the name the chat filter can remove them from the queue... if they still exist the onupdate handler can send them off to continue on their way to the grat frame.

I looked into using the SendWho but it says that the WHO_LIST_UPDATED event only fires when the who list is open so that is a no go

I already broke my achievement processing function into 2 pieces so it can now wait for a response from SendAddonChatMessage without freezing the computer. (I also rewrote my SameFaction function so it can call one of two passed functions to continue the processing if they match or not so it can handle waiting on pandaren)
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