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Originally Posted by MooreaTv View Post
it's not payment it's some small tip, I doubt that's what motivates authors (I mean it's nice I suppose to get stuff but you're kidding yourself if you think you are getting "a revenue share")
It appears to be the standard CPM payout of ad platforms like adsense. They certainly don't tell us any numbers but I make $ from it and there are 100+ addons more popular than mine with the top 20 being 3 - 5 times more popular/downloaded and giants like DBM 10 times more popular downloaded; plus their near daily updates keeping them very active and users constantly "engaged". It's not something to live on but also not insignificant, especially if combined with Patreon. the point is it isn't going away until, like WoW, it kills itself.

Certainly money is not why authors do it, but it's certainly a reason I personally decide to spend time updating, especially with this trash heap of an expansion and its myriad UI/API changes that came out at launch, not on alpha/beta/PTR, completely negating all point, time, effort, and work done during those periods; this expansion that I have not played since the first month of launch.
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