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I'm having an unusual issue that I fear I can't comprehend....

Whenever I mazzified before today there was no issues whatsoever. Today upon attempt of a complete UI on a new character, I couldn't get the final button to appear that finishes the process and reloads the UI. I tried manually performing a /console reloadui, I tried removing the entire WTF and interface folder, and then I redownloaded and re-unzipped MazzleUI. My last action was to try and find discord art because (heres the painful part) its only 5 things that are misplaced.
  1. The Bag slots filled text is about 1cm too low
  2. the black texture behind the chat is up and to the right of its intended location
  3. the Autobar is under my 3d mode
  4. and the trinket menu is in the middle of my screen

I tried individually moving these things; the trinket menu didn't move, the Autobar did. The texture is still misplaced and I've noticed that the "off-center" look that it has is relevant to a few other things such as my SCT which is up and to the right of the hud's center, my autobuff messages are also up and to the right.

Feel free to leave me feedback here or PM me on Azglore, My character names there are ParisHealton (a brand new priest)
Bearabull (a druid)
I just rolled there so any help is also appreciated.