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Originally Posted by Tonyleila View Post
Not my style but looks decent.
I woud prefere having the bossframes closer as dps and the raidframes more compact as heal. Don't like the nameplates, but woud use one with dot timers anyway. The castbar is missing a lag/tick timer also dot timers are very important as shadow priest don't see any on your spell icons

In your video the Bosstimers are missing the font and stlye of the UI and the Questdisplay is missing (maybe http://www.wowinterface.com/download...hFrameAdv.html) - guess you know that already
- Raidframes will be replaced with a complete new styled frame for healers (dps + tank / heal mods)
- the nameplates fit with the style, but actually thats all they do
- castbar lag/tick timer weren't yet in mind (good objection)
- i have no special dottimers, you can use omniCC or wait until WoD (why do work for nothing)

Originally Posted by meljen View Post
I really love the look of it so far, super unique and very slick!
Also, is there going to be limits on screen resolutions? And are ALL UI frames going to be skinned, or is it just the main up-front UI elements?

Keep up the good work. :-)
- the intension is to re-skin all blizzard frames (lot work to do, cause i have to draft them first)
- It works actually only for 1920x1080

Edit: QuestHub & BigWigs are re-skinned!

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