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Here is the result of the Question “Has playing World of Warcraft(WoW) caused any of the following problems for you (Please choose all that apply)”?
46.0%--I experience fatigue after playing online for several hours.
25.7%--I sleep less so I can have more time to play online
15.0%--I skip meals because I am so attracted to the game.
46.9%--My exercise habits have changed since I started playing games.
33.6%--I spend less time staying in touch with family and real-life friends because I played WoW.
23.0%--I experienced conflict with my family and real-life friends over how much time I spent playing WoW.
19.5%--I was late or missed work because of the time I spent playing WoW.
Here are some other problems: lost spouse, wrist pain, eye fatigue, dropping out other hobbies like reading.
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