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A Simple Problem

I'll just get right into it.

I used to have a script a few years ago (that I had found searching through google) that, when I ran it, it would get the target's name and paste it in a chat window. After pasting it in the chat window, I could simply highlight all, then copy. One button to paste the targets name in the chat window (using the script), and two more buttons to highlight all and copy. I'd simply press 3 buttons and I have my targets name copied.
I forgot how the script worked, it's been lost and I cant find it in google anymore. I'd appreciate if anyone of you Lua techies could tell me how to do that again!

And I don't want a workaround, it was useful because (In my Arena grinding days) it allowed me to be able to quickly copy and paste my arena partners and enemies into macros used for targeting them (all in less then a minute). Thanks in advance!
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