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Originally Posted by Rudaman View Post
I couldn't find a way to show all my auras together so to position them at the best, which was possible in previous version.
Can somebody help me?
Your best bet atm is to do the math and compensate for icon size and spacing, then use the adjusted co-ordinates. But yes I was unable to view all to line things up, but the numbers will never lie unless u made a mistake.

The real time saver would be to implement copy n paste imo. Also, in the additional triggers, I would grey out the options (and leave the page populated) instead of allowing them to only be viewable on enable. I think that will help ppl realize the navigation arrows for the customization. Also color the arrow or make them loud n proud.

Tip to save time on some basic positioning or timers is to utilize the parent feature in positioning.

Its coming along. The basics (and more) are there.