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Alright, an outline of the problems as I see them, and the things I want to do to work around them:
  • Aura Browser is currently redundant and serves a small purpose (for accessing auras) - but in return costs up screen real-estate. Idea: Remove it, merge it into the editor window.
  • Auras are terrible for grouping - they're not very intuitive and, personally, I don't think they need to exist. Idea: Rename displays to auras in the UI, rename auras to groups.
  • Activation is a bit of a mess - This one is complicated, but there's a fundamental flaw with the way Support Triggers are handled in that they're not intuitive whatsoever. Idea: I'm going to take a page out of 4.x's book here and expose all the settings in a clear category-by-category manner but also try and implement a search/filter feature. The idea being you could search for 'combat' and it'd remove any widgets that didn't have "combat" in their name. I suppose another way to look at it would be similar to Chrome's option search.
  • Anything with a dialog for configuration - It's terrible. I'm going to try a table approach instead without the need for a dialog to manage matches. Each row would be a separate match, and the table would likely be paginated beyond ~5-10 matches.
  • Style/Animations/Sounds - I think these categories are fine, but they could do with some more intuitive navigational schemes (in fact, the entire UI could).